Here is the stunning coastline of Bembridge, this photograph was taken using a drone, DJI Mavic 3, I finished work and it was a gorgeous day, so me and my friend jumped on his boat and went for a lovely cruise around the island, from the boat i launched my drone to get this photo, its made up of lots of photos to make it into the one photo, I love how far you can see, Culver down, the tip of Ryde church, the solent forts, the St helens fort, the lifeboat station, all the houses around Bembridge, the harbour, If you look really closely you can see Portsmouth Spinaker tower and the Chimneys of Southampton.The drone gives a really good unique view, on my drone I had a polariser on, this helps to reduce glare, fishermen use them to see fish near the surface of the water, having one on a drone and been much higher aswell as having the right light makes the water look so much clearer.