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Isle of Wight Photography
Callum O’Connell | Profess-ional Creative Photographer

Isle of Wight Photography Gallery chases the perfect sail.

There is nothing more enticing, disenchanting, and enslaving than photographing a moving vessel with a drone” ― By Callum O’Connell.

bembridge harbour sail boat - Isle of Wight Photography Gallery | Alfi in the Air
Bembridge harbour sailboat – Isle of Wight Photography Gallery | Alfi in the Air

Sunrises, Sunsets and big skies all helps when taking photographs of sailboats on the Isle of Wight. Tranquil or action photography requires planning and a good eye. Moments and shadows, mist and surf, the great open sea all make Isle of Wight sailing photography very enjoyable and at the same time challenging.

I like planing my photographs like a fine art painter plans his paintings. It’s the aesthetic results that are important and most rewarding. The Isle of Wight has many opportunities to take that special photograph of sailing boats both for photographs for my ‘Alfie in the Air’ gallery but commissions for boat owners, Cowes week.

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Isle of Wight Photography
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