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Isle of Wight Photography
Callum O’Connell | Profess-ional Creative Photographer

Isle of Wight has some of the most beautiful coastline in the United Kingdom. As a photographer I capture the most beautiful costal views the island has to offer.

“There are sunrises and sunsets” Long walks on the beach are the supposed of the perfect evening. The beach becomes a kind of utopia – a place where all our dreams come true.” ― By Callum O’Connell.

Isle of Wight Needles

The key to a successful image on the Isle of Wight coastlines is relatively simple: knowing and understanding exposure and composition and you can present the coastal environment in a novel way that is uniquely yours.

In my images, I strive for perspectives, angles, light, and motion that make the landscape look fresh and new. There is little joy in the repetition of images and I always search for those places few have photographed.

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Isle of Wight Photography
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