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Isle of Wight Photography
Callum O’Connell | Profess-ional Creative Photographer

Sometimes on the Isle of Wight, when I point a lens at something I am not trying to capture the entirety of a seascape, a sunrise, a cloud, a landscape, a sunset, but instead I focusing on the movement.

To go out with the Isle of Wight setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude and the time to take the best photography” ― By Callum O’Connell.

Isle of Wight Abstract Sea

The abstract scene is sometimes so overwhelmingly magnificent that you don’t need to see the wide-angle view. A sky where all we see are layers of red, white and yellow, or seeing the waves dancing up the beaches, can be as or more visually arresting as anything that a wide-angle lens would capture.

I sometimes have chosen to look at the easily discernible sky and sea, and look for the abstract that exists in it, in its textures and patterns in the fractal nature of close-up photography.

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Isle of Wight Photography
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