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Isle of Wight Photographer | Alfie in the Air

Isle of Wight Prints Photographer Callum Oconnell creates large-scale prints combining aerial and land-based perspectives. He has many styles,  from Isle of Wight Prints of sunrise – to sunsets and aerial shots showing impressive landscapes, together with minimal isolated images where ‘less is more’, creating powerful scenes using negative space. Callum grew up in the suburb Solihull in the Midlands; he moved to London at 21 years old and worked self-employed as an electrical and heating engineer based in the City of London. Photography was a hobby: he used to go out with friends in the evening for nighttime shoots when the city came alive, with all the lights, bustling streets and busy neighbourhoods. When the lockdown uncertainty hit, Callum moved to the Isle of Wight. He started selling his photographs online, which went well, and then decided to open a studio. He agreed on Ryde as it’s close to home, has great transport links and is one of the best places on the island for everything. In his Isle of Wight gallery, he prints, frames and displays a selection of his work from 35cm x 35cm ‘mini square’ photograph prints to much larger statement pieces; everything in the gallery is framed in his most popular white frame, to give a nice clean modern look.