Next stop was Bantry Bay, this is a place I really loved, unfortunately I only had one evening there, id of loved more, maybe again soon. My favourite photo I took there was this photo with a fishing boat heading back into the bay which made a nice subject for me, and then just mountains and hills behind going into the distance, which made for really lovely layers. For this photograph, I used my Sony 200-600mm Lens and leaning out my car window using the window as my makeshift tripod.

I wasn’t able to go out in the morning, I was having car troubles, I had a slow puncture, which had gone from slow to fast! so I had to take my car into a garage, when I took it in they discovered I had cracked an alloy wheel ( more costly than just a tyre ) so I had them do a temporary fix to hopefully just get me home.


Next part of our trip we drove further down to Baltimore, here we went on another boat trip, I didn’t take many photos, it rained the entire time and I was worried about damaging my camera.

I really loved this boat wreck I spotted in Baltimore, had the pride flag on board I assume supporting pride in Ireland, which was really nice to see.

Next we drove back to Wexford, which was about 7 miles from the ferry port, which we were getting an early one the next morning, so we spent a chilled out evening in Wexford and headed home the next day.