Ive been watching this little fishing boat for a while waiting for the right opportunity to grab a photograph of this boat, named “snowman”

This particular morning it was really misty so I headed to Bembridge Harbour, when I arrived the entire harbour was just filled with mist, i couldn’t see any boats, so I then decided to move on to Culver Down to try and get above the fog. On my way back I went via Bembridge Harbour to check out the boat, as I pulled up I could see Snowman, but it was surrounded by mist, and looked as if it was about to get covered again any moment. so I jumped out the car, ran to the edge of the water and starting taking photos, id say within 20 seconds of getting to the waters edge the boat had completely disappeared again.

I was really happy with my photos I got, Bembridge Harbour is one of my favourite places to go in the morning, I feel there is always a different photo opportunity and its only 5mins from my house. I took a few others since then of this boat but none are like this special morning surrounded by mist.